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Member Policies

Application for Membership and Electric Service (Policy) [60]

Application for Membership and Electric Service (Application) [60]

Net Metering Policy [67B]

Net Metering Agreement [67B]

Renewable Energy Credit Service [67C]

Member Contracts [68]

Member Contracts - Electrical Service Agreement [68]

Member Contracts - Outdoor Security Lighting Service Agreement [68]

Member Contracts - Street Lighting Service Agreement [68] 

Line Extensions [69]

Schedule 1-1 (Residential Service) [70]

Schedule 2-4 (Small Commercial Service) [71]

Schedule 2-5 (Large Commercial Service) [72A]

Schedule 2-7 (Industrial Service) [72AA]

New Large Single Loads (NLSLs) [72E]

Schedule 2-3 (Irrigation Service) [73]

Schedule 4-8 (Outdoor Security Lighting Service) [74]

Schedule 4-7 (Area Lighting Service) [74A]

Pre-Pay Electric Service (Pre-Pay) [75]

Pre-Pay Electric Service Agreement [75]

Schedule 1-5 (Pre-Pay Residential Sevice) [75A]

Schedule 4-6 (Street Lighting Service) [76]

Member Security Deposits [81]

Member's Responsibility [82]

Member's Wiring and Equipment [83]

Member-Owned Generators [83A]

Transformer Installations [84]

Meters [85]

Billing [86]

Fee Schedule [68A]

Special Fees and Taxes [86A]

Collecting [87]

Discontinuance of Service [88]

Reconnection Charges [89]

Tampering with Cooperative's Metering Equipment [90]

Continuity of Service [91]

Manufactured/Mobile Home Courts and R.V. and Trailer Camp Service [92A]

Rights-of-Way [93]

Right-of-Way Easement Form [93]

Newsletter/Ruralite Magazine [132]

Energy Conservation [135]

Member Grievances [136]

Lending Privacy Policy [140]

Identity Theft Prevention [140A]

Member Requests for Cooperative Information [141]

Member Requests for Cooperative Information (Form) [141A]

New Large Single Loads [72E]

Non-Member Requests for Cooperative Information [142]

Non-Member Requests for Cooperative Information (Form) [142]




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