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Q: I am considering signing up for Exede. How does it compare to other internet providers? (July, 2014)

Most Clearwater Power members do not have access to any high-speed internet service except by satellite at this time. For these people, I honestly believe Exede is the best product out there. That’s why I have it at my home.

For those who have access to a terrestrial (non-satellite based) internet service provider (ISP), you will want to look carefully at your options before you sign a contract. Make sure you know what ISPs are available in your area before deciding. See the different types of ISPs in the list on the right.
If you are looking into a new ISP, check first to see if DSL or Fixed Wireless are available at your sight, as these are the most common in our area. Local ISPs can perform a site survey if they are not sure about availability at your location. If one of these are available, they will most likely be cheaper than satellite and have much higher (or no) data limits.

Different Types of ISPs:

  • Cable Internet uses the cable TV infrastructure, usually only found in town and requires a physical cable line to the house.
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) works by transmitting digital data over the wires of local telephone networks. Both internet and voice communications are delivered simultaneously on the same physical phone line, but you must have “land line” service to the house and you must be located fairly close to a phone company switch that is enabled for this technology.
  • Fixed Wireless uses a network of towers that utilize a combination of point-to-point and broadcast radio communications and requires an antenna on your property that has line-of-sight to a wireless tower.
  • Mobile broadband uses a cellular network to access the internet. This requires a cell signal that supports 3G data just like data on your cell phone. This can be slower than other ISPs  especially in rural areas. Contact cell phone providers in your area for details.
  • Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is unavailable in most of CPC’s service territory. It requires a Fiber Optic cable connected to a box on the outside of the home.
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