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Q: A friend was recently laid off and is struggling. Can they set up a payment plan with you? (January 2015

A: We always encourage members to give us a call if they are unable to pay their bill on time...

We will work with members and most of the time we can set up payment arrangements to pay their bill over time. A payment arrangement is a list of one or more payments of a specific amount that will be paid on a  certain date. Once the arrangements are recorded, the account won’t be disconnected as long as the arrangement is kept. The key is to give us a call first so we can work with you. If an account gets disconnected, a security deposit could be required, disconnect and reconnect fees will apply and your credit will be impaired with us. All these things can be avoided by a simple phone call prior to disconnect. We can also direct members to agencies like Community Action Partnership (CAP) to see if they qualify for any assistance in paying their bill.

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