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Green Power Sponsorship

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Green Power is a term to describe electricity that is generated from a renewable source of energy. Green power is considered earth-friendly with few or no harmful environmental impact.

Clearwater Power Company is a sponsor for the Coffin Butte Resource Project which uses decomposing landfill waste as a fuel source. This green energy generating plant that actually helps the environment by reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and sulfur dioxide, a pollutant responsible for acid rain.

Your Chance to Make a Difference

You can become a Green Power Sponsor in one of two ways:

  • Purchase 100-kWh block(s) of green power at $2per 100-kWh block.
  • Purchase 100% green power. All of my kWh electric usage will be billed at a 1 cent premium over my normal rate schedule.

Become a Green Power Sponsor!

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