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Bob's blog

Q: Why isn’t Clearwater Power Company investing in new generation like wind mills to reduce our rates? (February, 2014)

This is a question we get a lot and there are a few reasons for it. First of all, CPC does keep watch for small scale generation opportunities that make sense. The trouble is, even though we would all like to pay less for electricity, the clean hydro power we get from BPA is really a very good deal. Most other forms of generation, like solar or wind are considerably more expensive and don’t generate all the time.

Q: What is the facilities charge on my power bill?

Clearwater Power Company’s service territory is more rural and has a lower population density than the typical investor owned utility (IOU) that serves in urban areas. Because of this sparse density (averaging only 3.6 members per mile of power line), only about 40% of your power bill goes to the actual purchase of electrical energy...

Q: My heat pump contractor applied a Clearwater Power rebate to my quote. Is there really a rebate on heat pumps? Does it go to the contractor or is it paid to me?

A: I am glad your contractor is letting you know about our rebate program, but you should always contact our Member Services Team before you buy your heat pump to make sure you meet all the qualifications to get the rebate you expect...

Q: How can I increase the efficiency of my window air-conditioner?

A: While you can’t change the efficiency of your existing air conditioner, you can make sure you are operating it in the most efficient manner. Set the thermostat  as high as you can tolerate. (78 degrees is recommended)...

Q: I see that the Co-op Connections Card is also good for discounts at local businesses. What is the advantage for a small business like mine to offer a discount to card holders?

Arguably one of the best advantages of the Co-op Connections Card is the discount at local business. Yes, there are great pharmacy discounts and tremendous discounts at over 20,000 national businesses, but it’s the local businesses, right here in CPC country that are important to us.

Q: I am considering adding insulation and replacing windows. What programs are available to help pay for the cost? (March, 2013)

There are several possibilities for assistance. First visit: and find out if you qualify for weatherization assistance through Community Action Partnership. If you have permanently-installed electric heat, you may qualify for rebates from Clearwater Power at the completion of the project...


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